Everyone who knows even a little bit about make-up knows that you should match your clothes to your outfit. Matching make-up might seem easy in practice. In reality, it’s a whole different story. You can look at fashion shops like Zaful and see the abundance of beauty products and cosmetics they have. Read honest reviews of Zaful here. But let us help you to find the right make-up for the dress that you want to wear.

A Black Dress Outfit

A black dress has the benefit of enabling a lot of colours. Black Is neutral and goes with almost anything. You can try red lipstick in any shade if you want your make-up to stand out. Bright red lipstick gives your outfit a sexy edge while warmer shades lean towards a romantic and sweet. But dark colours such as dark brown, dark purple or even black are allowed. The lighter the shade you use, the more natural you’ll look. As for your eyes, you can add any colour or eye shadow that you want. Silver, white or gold are possible choices. Or black, if you want to go for a Gothic look. In any case, your eyeshadow should not just match but compliment the colour of your eyes. Black eyeliner can be added if you want to emphasise your eyes. Thick lines make lean towards sexy while thin lines only.

A Red Outfit

A red outfit requires neutral make-up. The red dress (or top) is always a focus point, so try not to overdo it with the rest of your make-up. Less is more in this case. If you do want to add some make-up, red lipstick in the same colour as your dress is a safe choice. Besides this single focus point, you should add neutral make-up. Think of concealer and foundation that has the same shade as your natural skin colour. One that is slightly tinted might do too. And, in some cases, as long as you keep your lips somewhat neutral, you can make smokey eyes via your eye shadow. But always remember that you should focus either your lips or eyes and never both.

A yellow Dress

Yellow is one of the most difficult colours to match. Yellow tends to draw attention more than any other colour. That is why not everyone can pull or a yellow outfit. You need to have the right skin colour. If you are one of those few who can wear yellow, you need to wear make-up in warmer shades. The colour of the dress should not be outshone. You should not use any foundation but the one that blends naturally with your skin, preferably the same shade. Again, you have a choice between smokey eyes and some simple kohl lines. The choice should partly depend on your choice of lipstick. If the lipstick stands out, keep your eyes moderate and visa versa.

Of course, there are dresses of many colours, and each of them requires their own make-up. Tru and see which one fits you best.