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10 Nautical Nail Designs You Need In Your Life

As you can imagine, I see probably 3+ nautical nail designs every single day in my interweb travels because they’re insanely popular. They’re also insanely CUTE! But with so many nautical themed manicures to choose from, which ones really stand out? Which one do you take to

3D Jungle Nail Art

This 3D jungle nail art is one of the most extreme manicures you’ll ever see! It’s a jungle full of wild animals, right at your fingertips… literally! This insanely creative nail design includes wild cats, jungle flowers, birds, and even a giraffe and elephant. View Full Nail

Nerdy Nail Design: Computer Language

Using a nail stamping plate, computer language was transferred to metallic silver nail polish to create the ultimate nerdy nail design! Beep boop, DOES compute. View Full Nail Art Ideas Gallery »