Easy Daytime Makeup

1) Light Foundation OR Brush Applied Powder– This is one of the hardest things to master because it is so easy to look caked on during the daytime. Think about what you will look like in direct sunlight and fluorescent lighting!! If you apply your powder with a brush, instead of a sponge, you will end up applying less. Less is more!

2) Bronzer–One light sweep under the cheekbones.

3) Eyeshadow–For girls on the go, pick one neutral color, that is slightly lighter than your skin tone. It’s super easy, and it brightens your whole eye area! Plus, during the day, the last thing you need is dramatic eyeshadow–it will make you look too overdone.

4) Eyeliner–Black is too dark for daytime. Use a deep plum shade and blend blend blend.

5) Mascara–Even if you have time for nothing else, this is the one “can’t leave home without it” makeup item.Use black on your lashes if you can! If you are a strawberry blond or have very fair skin, you may want to use a dark brown instead.

6) Lip Gloss– Or glossy chapstick. Anyway you go about it, this step will add some polish to your look, with very little effort. You can do this quick and easy before you get out of your car too.

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