Easy Winged Eyeliner Tutorial

Easy Winged Eyeliner Tutorial

This easy Winged Eyeliner tutorial will help you achieve this dramatic, bold, sexy look in 4 simple steps!

The Steps:

    • Dip Angled Definer brush into your Gel Eyeliner Pot. Draw a line from the outer edge of your upper lid in the direction of right outside your brow, creating a small “wing”.
    • Draw a line from the tip of your wing towards the inside of your eyelid.
    • Continue the line to the inner corner of your upper eyelid.
    • Use your brush & gel liner to fill in the wing you’ve drawn.
    • Go out, and flaunt your sexy cat eye!


Get the Look:

* HOT TIP * – For a fun, sexy, bold look, step outside of your comfort zone… don’t choose black! Grab another fun color and wing it out. :)

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