Ponytail Tutorial: Woven & Low Set | LuLu*s

Woven Low Ponytail Tutorial by LuLu*s


LuLu’s shows you how to create a low woven effect in this cute new ponytail tutorial. Their written instructions are below.

1) Part hair down the middle and divide into 3 sections along the crown of your head, as shown above.

2) Secure the back section into a low ponytail with a hair-tie.

3) Using the front half of one side, twist hair and pull back towards the pony.

4) Cross the twisted section along the top of the ponytail.

5) Pin the section to cover the hair-tie.

6) Repeat steps 3-5 for the other side. Then twist back and secure the remaining twisted sections. To complete the look, backcomb the ponytail to create fullness.

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