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Tips For Spring Skin Care

As seasonal changes start to emerge, our skin is faced with various different challenges. Temperature changes can take a toll on our skin unless we learn to adapt to them. If the winter was hard on your skin, the new season might be your chance to start

Trendy Hair Color For 2012

1) Warm Tones Warm tones seem to be extremely popular this year, particularly in the colder winter months. Deep reds, rich browns and softer colors of blonde are all in demand. Many women are also requesting two to four different shades of a color to give the

Citrus Fruit Face Mask

Skin Firming Facial Peel This is one of those easy, refreshing citrus fruit homemade face masks to give you skin some “citrus magic”. For great exfoliation, natural citrus facial peels work wonders leaving your skin soft and smooth. This face mask will help firm, tone, and soften

Beauty Tips From Around The World

1. Salt Rubs are what give Parisian women that glow. One cup of sea salt is mixed with half a cup of peppermint tea and formed into a paste. It’s used either as a shower gel or scrubbed before getting into the shower. 2. Spanish women add

Easy Daytime Makeup

1) Light Foundation OR Brush Applied Powder– This is one of the hardest things to master because it is so easy to look caked on during the daytime. Think about what you will look like in direct sunlight and fluorescent lighting!! If you apply your powder with

Easy Evening Makeup

Is your make-up ready for a night out? With a few simple tricks you can add some drama to your evening make-up. Color Stick to colors that occur in nature. You’re trying to enhance your natural beauty, to highlight and add focus without being overtly obvious, so

Facelift Recipes for Aging Skin

Skin Firming Egg White, Olive Oil and Sugar Eggs have natural albumin proteins and amino acids that have been known to firm the skin for centuries. INGREDIENTS: 2 Egg Whites 1/2 Teaspoon of Olive Oil 1 Teaspoon of sugar HOW TO: Whip the egg whites and slowly