Manicures – The Basics

What Is a Manicure?

What a manicure is, is “treating” the nails and hands. It’s done in order to improve the appearance of nails and hands, so they look neat and cared for. Even though it’s usually a “girl thing” to get a manicure… it’s quickly becoming a “guy thing” too! (Thank goodness). People can do it themselves… or go to a nail salon to have it done professionally.

The Benefits of a Manicure

The benefits of a manicure are more than just “having flashy nails”… manicures will even out uneven nails, and helps promote healthy nail growth. The process of moisturizing your hands and fingers stimulate blood flow, and replenish lost nutrients.

Different Types of Manicures

Manicures have always been a wonderful treat. If you have healthy and strong nails, you may only need to get them trimmed and polished so that they look as good as can be. If your nails are not in very good condition then there are lots of solutions available to you.

The most popular and well known manicures treatments include the following:
French manicure
American manicure
Brazilian manicure
Paraffin wax manicure
Hot stone manicure

What tools will I need for a manicure?

If you are interested in doing a manicure treatment at home then there are several items that you will need in order to get what you want. Some of these things are items that everyone should have in the possession anyway.

These include:

Nail clippers
Nail brush
Pumice stone
Emery board
Orange stick
Nail buffer
Hand moisturising cream
Small bowl
Clear nail polish

The Alternative Nail Treatment

If your nails are not in the best of conditions then a great option is to get artificial nails attached. Technology has advanced some much that there is no need to suffer with the fake looking plastic nails of the past. You now have the choice of using a variety of artificial nails including the acrylic, gel or wrap nails based nail extensions. Here you can just go crazy! There are all kinds of nail art now… signup to updates for this blog on the right… and we’ll keep you up to date with the most beautiful and crazy ones we find!

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